The Refinery is a boutique studio in the downtown Milwaukee Area run by Photographer Jessica Kaminski. 

Jessica Kaminski - Photographer  Through her lens and unwavering dedication to creating innovative lighting technique,  Jessica is able to bring out the best in her clients and has over the past fifteen years photographed everyone from NBA players, actors, principal dancers, to pilots and entrepreneurs. 

She has won several awards, including a Milwaukee 99 award for her advertising photography for the Milwaukee Ballet, and several Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism awards for her work when she was staff photographer for M Magazine

She received her B.F.A. Photography from The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and studied broad at Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy. 

Jessica is on the board of the Coalition of Photographic Arts and is an Adorama Pix Ambassador.

3 Tier Approach

Preproduction Jessica says she is always switching between her left brain and her right brain; while she is a very creative person, she is also a very analytical person. In terms of a photography session, Jessica loves to incorporate preproduction techniques prior to the appointment, so that by the time the shoot takes place, everyone is well-prepared and the focus can be on creating great images. Preproduction means that she takes the time to understand what the client wants or needs to achieve with their photographs, directs and aids in wardrobe selection, and offers professional services such as hair and makeup styling for those who want that little extra finishing touch. This helps to ensure that the only thing to worry about at the shoot is having fun, listening to good music, and occassionally having a glass of wine.

Personality With portraits, and perhaps even more so with headshots, it is imperative that the client feels comfortable. After all, if the image is mostly a face, it's going to be pretty evident if a person was feeling nervous or uncomfortable during the shoot. Jessica is defintiely what you would call a "people-person" and has no issues talking with anyone. She will make sure that you are comfortable and having a good time at your session, so that your photographs reflect the best version of you. 

Attention to Detail Jessica likes to joke that she "photoshops in real time", which is just a fun way to say that she likes to take care of the details during a shoot instead of "fixing them later". Even if it's pulling off a loose thread, or spraying down a stray hair, those are the small details that make a photograph look polished. And if you can do it on the spot, why not? (There are some things, however, that she can't do on set, like give you a haircut. So do your part too, and get yourself a little pampering before your session. And why not? You deserve it! #preproduction)


At our boutique studio we have:


A full length mirror

A makeup application area

A makeup mirror

Clothing Rack


Lint Roller



Hand Lotion

Hair Spray

Body Oil

Mini Sewing Kit

Bottled Water

The Liquor Cabinet

We understand that it can sometimes be nerve-racking to get your photograph taken. That's why we have a well stocked "Photo Juice" cabinet at your disposal. Offerings range from bourbon, to tequila, to beer. We also carry a rotating selection of Napa Vally wines from Peju Province Winery