The Refinery

My name is Jessica Kaminski and I run The Refinery Photo Studio which offers contemporary male portraiture.

The Kaminski kids consist of me and my three brothers. I grew up in a small neighborhood. Across the street were the Vergolina boys and at the end of the block were the Keck brothers. My dad used to yell at us to go outside and play, and so my days were filled with pickup kickball games, bike rides, and climbing trees.  

My oldest brother is 9 years older than me.  Growing up, we'd hike along the creek and catch frogs on my grandmother's 30 acres of land in Crivitz, WI., and go swimming in the river that was complete with a rope swing. He showed me how to hold a bow and arrow. Though my grandma is no longer with us, my brother and I have been making annual treks to Crivitz to eat the famous chicken at Shaffer's Park and visit my grandmothers grave. 

My next older brother was the guy that everyone liked in high school. He played soccer, was Prom King, and performed in theater. He sang me made up songs.  I watched him date girls in high school and break hearts. (I was going through the awkward adolesent stage and was pretty invisible to boys at the time, so this was all very foreign and fascinating to me.)  He is also the best storyteller I know. He's a police officer now, married with children, and I laugh every time he tells us about his children's antics. 

My youngest brother moved out to California right after high school, and it completely changed his life. I found that we're getting closer as we get older and we've both got the travel bug! We drove to Portland two years ago and last year we went to London, which was his first trip over seas. It was an honor to experience that with him. His best friend had moved to London years ago, and it was really wonderful to witness their bond in person.  

I believe that growing up with such masculine influence has affected my visual language. My photographs are strong and dynamic. But having three brothers also taught me that a man wants to look good in a photograph just like a woman, and may need a little guidance when it comes to making that happen. 

I am here to guide you through the process of being photographed to make sure you have the best experience possible. In addition to my help and expertise, you will also find resources and style inspiration on this website.