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  • Gretchen - Swiss Silk Company - Promotional Portrait

    When Gretchen of Swiss Silk Company asked me if I could "Jessify" her portrait, I made sure that she understood I would have to bust out my wind machine. #scarves #silk #portrait #milwaukeephotographer #milwaukee #mke #swisssilkcompany #windmachine #refinerymke #dreamscometrue

    We also created some beautiful product shots! To me this one looks like an origami crane. Capturing these scarves in motion is just magical

  • Jerry Buting - Promotional Headshots

    Earlier this year I was delighted to receive a call from Jerry Butings's team asking us to help create some updated headshots. "Making a Murderer" had just been released on Netflix and suddenly Jerry found himself being contacted by various news agencies and the like, and he found himself needing some updated imagery - STAT!

    With respect to Jerry, I decided I would not bring up anything related to the show or the trial, unless he brought it up first. I take my work seriously and wanted to make sure that I was focused on producing what he needed. However, within minutes of his arrival, Jerry asked me who I thought committed the crime, and throughout his afternoon session with us we had an amazing time chatting about the show, his experience with the case, and how it felt to suddenly be in the spotlight .  Jerry was an absolute delight to work with and I am honored that I had such an amazing opportunity! 

    Some time after our session, I went to see Jerry and Dean give a talk at The Riverside, and on our way into the theater I saw my photo (above image) on the poster! 

    As Aristotle once said, "The law is reason, free from passion". While this may be true, there is no denying Jerry's passion for practicing law itself. I wish him the best of luck! 

  • Danielle - Milwaukee Headshot

    I had so much fun working with Danielle today! The moment she walked in I loved her sparkle and her energy. Danielle is graduating soon and also has a book deal on an amazing research project she's been working on, and is building a brand new website to go with it! It's an exciting time for her. 

    After the session Danielle and I ended up talking for an hour about a whole bunch of stuff,  and she got me newly fired up about my own book, and where I could take it.

    Our conversation brought to mind the title of the Dr Seuss book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" The sky is the limit, right Danielle?