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  • Tom Tank - Fit After Fifty

    Congrats to our client Tom who just got signed at The Young Agency!

    Tom and I have been working together for a few years now. In 2009 Tom had a health scare that radically changed his life and after 30 years in the manufacturing sector and 17 years owning his own business, he decided to make a career change and enter the fitness and fashion world. It had always been of interest to him but now he was ready to make it a full time career.

    The first time I worked with Tom to start working on his modeling portfolio, he said that within 1 year he was going to be featured in a Men's Fitness Magazine, and you know what? HE DID IT!! He was featured in Men's Fitness magazine AND UK's Train Magazine in 2017!

    I really love how Tom took his business expertise and applied it to fashion and fitness. He has gotten results and I am not only proud of him, but inspired by him.

    Here is Tom's modeling portfolio on The Young Agency's website (all photos by The Refinery Photo Studio

    Here is Tom's own website with health information on being fit after fifty:

    Here's to continues success to Tom!

  • Tra - Milwaukee Modeling Portfolio

    I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Tra for his modeling portfolio. He is new to the industry but he showed up like a true professional: he had practiced his poses before he came to the shoot, and I was so impressed!

    One of the hardest things about being in a photograph is knowing your body, how to position yourself, and what looks good on YOU. Part of my job as a photographer is to be the "director" and to help people find their poses.

    But with Tra, he came prepared and was also open to my ideas, and to just having fun with it and being open with the camera! I love how these turned out. Thanks Tra for an awesome shoot! 

  • Angie Campbell - Model Portfolio

    The gorgeous Angie Campbell stopped in the studio today! Angie will be heading so sunny Los Angeles soon and I'm uber excited for her. She is probably one of the most sweet, bubbly and light-hearted gals I know, so I think these dark moody portraits are a testament to her acting/modeling ‪#‎skillz‬. Also, I didn't even use my fog machine today! I am, however, newly obsessed with shooting on black backdrop paper. They might refer to this as my "black paper period", which will hopefully also be mentioned alongside my "fog machine period'. Who knows? One can dream.